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“Saki Akai”, a female wrestler, sexy

Mention “wrestling” , many people may think of a fight that is full of fierce, violent, almost smashing the arena. Grab a chair and smash it together.

But in fact, in this industry (actual wrestling) there is something beautiful and beautiful hidden as well. Such as Japanese wrestling which has a beautiful, sexy female fighter crushing the heart of a young man Named… Saki Akai

If you look at the outside, with a height of 174 centimeters and a face Many people may think that she is a model star or something. Because her image is not like the wrestlers that we are familiar with at all. So let’s get to know her a little better.

Saki Akai

Saki Akai is fond of fighting sports. The DNA is expect to come from Father Hidekazu Akai, a former professional boxer. Prior to entering the wrestling industry. She accepts various photoshoots. Before being given the opportunity to be the “K1 Image Girl” or ring girl of the K1 boxing battle in 2009, which she said. This was another point where she became interested in various forms of martial arts, and “wrestling” was one of them.

It wasn’t until 2011 that 24-year-old Akai made his first wrestling ring before gradually improving his skills and reputation. until becoming known and having won many championship belts She has been known by many names in the industry, such as Saki, Saki Akamiya, Sukeban Saki, and Sakisama, so anyone who sees these names can understand that they are the same “Saki Akai”.

DDT Pro-Wrestling

Sakai is currently under DDT Pro-Wrestling. And now her name has turned 34 carats, but it is “34 is still bright” because she still has a lot of fans. with sexy beauty plus a wrestling style that is full of dazzling tricks Until receiving the nickname ” Witch of the Japanese wrestling industry “

In addition, with his image and various abilities, Sakai is more than just a wrestler. She has photoshoots, photobooks, commercials, plays, plays and films. It can be said that she has always had work in the entertainment industry alongside wrestling For anyone who wants to follow her work, you can follow her Instagram below.