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“Anna Kurnikova” The sexiest woman in the world

What qualities must an athlete in your memory have? The answer that everyone seems to think the same is “success”.

believe too much Athletes in the hearts of readers will be successful as a champion or the number one match, more or less

But for Anna Kurnikova, a female tennis player from Russia. Instead, they don’t need success to make people remember. She has never won a women’s singles championship. in the global list and never approached the expectations of the people Looking at her childhood achievements

Sometimes talent doesn’t come in the form of skills on the stage. Anna Kurnikova shows that Athletes can step into the position. “The sexiest woman in the world” that people around the world can not forget?

angel in childhood

If you’re wondering how Anna Kurnikova became the tennis angel? Her childhood story answers this question with us. And once again demonstrated a talent for sports. that can be inherited through blood.

Her father, Sir Nicholas Gate Chur is a former boxing , wrestling Greco – Roman. Champion degree. He also holds a Ph.D. and works as a professor at the Moscow University of Physical Culture and Sports. Russia

Her mother, Alla Kurnikova, is a strong blonde. And is a former 400 meter sprint athlete, so it’s not strange if Anna will grow up in the environment. that shaped her into a sporting path

“I have many dolls. but never felt enamored with any of them. My favorite toys are the animal figurines, although I don’t have much time for them. But I’ll play with them for five minutes, and then I’ll go for a run in the morning,” Anna shares her personal preferences that differ from the other girls.

“I’ve been a high-energy person since childhood. I just want to play tennis for 8 hours a day and then come home and watch one more tennis video. After that, he fell asleep in his bed.”

At the age of 5, Anna received a Christmas gift of a tennis racket. and started playing sports in earnest She will compete with her peers twice a week. and practicing every day after school

“At first, I only intended to play tennis for fun. My parents didn’t think I would step into playing professionally. They just want to find something to do. because I have so much energy.”

With parents who are passionate about sports, 7-year-old Anna became a member of the famous Moscow tennis club Spartak Tennis Club. Under the supervision of Olga Morosova, a former female tennis runner-up, French Open and Wimbledon.

Anna was trained intensely at this club. Her personal coach is Larissa Preobrasenskaya. Famous tennis coach who used to manage the Soviet Union team. Played in the Women’s Tennis World Championships in 1968 (at the time the Federation Cup was shortened to the Fed Cup in 1995 and renamed Billy Jean King Cup in 2020), which See the glitter of this girl and voluntarily train Anna herself.