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Nike vs Olympics: Caused by Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest athletes in the world. Because he wasn’t just successful on the basketball court, but “MJ” was one of the most influential in the business. Everything he picked up was gold and silver.

Famous reputation make every organization that wants to be associate with Michael Jordan that in order to use his name to generate income for the business. Not eventhe 1992 Olympic Games that hoped to use this basketball player. Spearhead the popularity of the sporting event that was held in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

This led to a conflict with the famous apparel company Nike. Jordan’s best friend who see that the Olympics are taking advantage of the players unfairly. This leads to a business twist in which there is only one winner.

The Man Who Made Nike

Back in the early 80s, Nike was just a simple sportswear company from the United States. Which is still different from adidas brand from Germany, the number 1 in the world at that time

Nike products are not less outstanding. Especially running shoes that are recognized in terms of quality. But the image It’s a brand that doesn’t stand out. Not different from other brands of sportswear. no part of with the pop culture have a story to remember Just like adidas or Puma can do.

However, the brand from Oregon Always had a plan with brand destiny not just stepping up to be number 1 in the sports apparel industry. But it’s one of the most influential companies in the world.

In the midst of a war of unity between adidas and Puma, two German rivals with the competition to produce the best products American brands think differently. To bring the Swoosh logo to power dominate people Not measured by the quality of the shoes. But measured by the feeling of being connected between the customer and the brand

Nike unveils a plan to turn sportswear into a lifestyle People must not buy Nike shoes because these are good quality shoes. Because other brands can do it. 

But people pay for Nike shoes because these are Nike shoes that not even adidas or Puma can do. Shoes with the Swoosh logo must be purchased from Nike only. In other words, buy the brand. more than buying shoes

US brand Intends to build loyalty between the buyer and the brand Encourage people to buy brands rather than products. And if this plan succeeds, Nike needs some athletes. that can show that He is a great brand. superior to all sports

Finally, Nike picked Michael Jordan, a young basketball player from the University of North Carolina. Draft to the NBA in 1984, the signing of “MJ” as a presenter for Swoosh came before he even made his professional debut.

There are so many athletes that Nike can choose to be the face of the brand. Selection of players who have not yet proven their skills Looks like a risk, not least, but lastly. Within a short span of time, Michael Jordan’s work answered every question people had.

In Nike’s eyes, Michael Jordan is someone who has the potential to be “Larger Than Life”, an athlete greater than the sport. Because Jordan is a basketball player. which is a team game But he can stand out from his teammates. More noticeable than any player in the NBA and eligible to be the greatest basketball player of all time in hoop games

What Nike predicted couldn’t be wrong in the slightest. Jordan became one of the great athletes. His influence goes far beyond sports. Being a product presenter, movie star, becoming a celebrity that even celebrities like actors and singers want to meet him in person once.