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The Legend of Danish Dynamite: 1992

The Legend of Danish Dynamite: 1992. However, there are very few times when an underdog team can make it all the way through a championship or tournament. This requires effort, competence and consistency. until they become champions 

Leicester City, the 2015-16 Premier League champions, Greece and the 2004 European champions, and even Lille, who won the French league in 2020-21, are some examples of teams that can use the word “fairy tale” . 

But this is the story of the original football fairy tale for the first time. The story of the Denmark national football team, who competed as a substitute at Euro 1992 … and they ended the tournament as champions. 

The Main Stand tells the story of a Danes fairy tale here. 

A real miracle, The Legend of Danish Dynamite: 1992

fairy tales It’s a story that shouldn’t have happened at all. Because before the tournament started, Denmark did not do well in qualifying. Because the teams in their group are Yugoslavia, Northern Ireland, Austria and the Faroe Islands. 

The Danish national team is under Richard Moller Nielsen’s internal problems. Due to the coach’s disagreement with the team’s star players such as the Barcelona attacker Michael Laudrup and his brother Brian Laudrup, who plays for the club. Bayern Munich to the point that the two brothers Laudrup. He had announced his retirement from the national team. Which caused chaos in the camp that caused Denmark’s first 3 games to be very poor, defeating the Faroe Islands only one team, didn’t see a chance to qualify at all.

Come to be hot team, The Legend of Danish Dynamite: 1992

Euro 1992 has only eight teams in the final, different from the current 24 teams in the group stage, divided into two groups, Group A and Group B, meaning that if one of the top two groups will pass through to the semi-finals immediately 

But Denmark has to be in Group A. The same group as Sweden, England and France … all strong. No wonder many players laughed at what Coach Nielsen said. They probably wouldn’t have even made it to the finals considering all the teams mentioned above. 

Football Knockout

Playing soccer tournaments has a certain charm. is when it comes to the knockout round Anything can happen. A team that knows itself and knows its competitors best. It’s the most dangerous team, and Denmark is probably that kind of team.

They knew that they could no longer use their secret weapon by playing an offensive game like a game against France, because the Netherlands had already seen a Danish approach, so Denmark had to go back to normal. That’s playing defensively and with patience again… No player likes defensive play. But sometimes for the desired goal Use the right strategy that best suits your potential.

Denmark that everyone doesn’t dare to overlook 

from the guest team They have now sacked two major teams in a row and have been nicknamed “Danish Dynamite” and their final opponent is Germany … Iron Eagles have just won the 1990 World Cup. (as West Germany Before joining the nation as one of Euro 1992 for the first time) and strong across the plate, the defensive line has Andreas Brehme and Jurgen Kohler, while the midfield is Stefan Affenberg. A and Thomas Hesler  

The game image is as everyone expected. Germany opens the game in full capacity. shoot and shoot again But I don’t know why they didn’t get the lead… They had no luck. Is Denmark lucky or is Peter Schmeichel too cruel?