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Konta Withdrawal from the Olympic tennis tournament

Johanna Konta, the United Kingdom’s number one female tennis player. Pratt withdrew from the Olympics after covid infection and no time to practice.

The world’s top tennis players Still gradually withdrawing from the Olympic ufabet Games 2020 in Tokyo Japan continuously By on July 13, a few hours after Roger Federer, former world number one, the Swiss. Has announced his withdrawal from the latest “Tokyo 2020”. Johanna Konta, the first female tennis player of the United Kingdom, former world number four, also withdrew.

Previously, Konta had to withdraw his Wimbledon grand slam due to close contact with a coronavirus patient. therefore have to detain and later onset of illness Until recently, covid was detected. Also, he hasn’t practiced at all in the past 2 weeks. therefore reluctant to withdraw

This is bad news for the UK. Who can not put the name of other tennis players instead of Konta because the world rankings are not eligible, resulting in Heather Watson, 2nd hand of the United Kingdom. With plans to compete with Konta, it has to withdraw by default.