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“JK” explains without intention to insult the Cup of Nationsa

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp (JK) has urged him not to misinterpret his words as a drama about how he snubbed the African Cup of Nations as that small tournament. very deviated from the truth

Klopp (JK) is interview over the weekend that he disliked the international squad because of the player’s absence. Dropped a reference Championship Africa in early 2022 , which may have to release Mohamed Ahmed Salah , San Bernardino minas and Nabeel Great Italian to race for months that the event is minuscule. became criticized for suitability

This Boss aged 54 years post-game press conference in Rio . The beat FC Porto 2-0 yesterday asking journalists not to distort his words into an intentional communication.

“ I didn’t mean to convey that kind of meaning. No, to be honest. To understand why you like them , ” Klopp to defend themselves.  

“ I didn’t mean it like that , come on guys !” 

“ It’s not even close to what I think I’d say, never looking at the African Cup of Nations as a small tournament. Or the African Football Championship is a mini event at all. ” 

“ What I mean when you watch the entire press conference that day is to understand the correct way it is conveyed – if you really want to see it. Because from now until March next year, there will be no more European national team breaks. ” 

” I say that race tournament a month m . C . 2022 does not mean that wee tournament – I said sarcastically. It must have been one of the big football tournaments. Then we have to let the best players go to that tournament. ” 

Kan Continental Championship took place between 9 m . C . – 6 b . May . The nation will live up to the final. He would have missed at least 5 English Premier League matches.