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Nasri reveals how bad his relationship with Mancini is

Former Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri has revealed that his relationship with former boss Roberto Mancini is not going well.

         The French midfielder has 11 goals and 18 assists in 82 games in all competitions under the Italian boss. He was one of the club’s first league champions in 44 years. But he revealed a poor relationship with his former boss back in the Premier League away to Wolves.

         “In the first half he spoke to me all the time. I told him to stop If you’re not satisfy, change me,” Nasri told the Daily Mail. 

         “I was ready to leave the field in the first half. In the dressing room I took off my shoes and told Yaya. Who was sitting next to me, if he had said something bad. I’ll throw my shoes at him. because the coach used to insult and speak badly of the players.”

         “I despised him by every name. Even his son sometimes comes to play with the reserve team or train with us, I traveled to Paris the next day, two days later. I is on the bench against Manchester United. The president came from Abu Dhabi to watch our game and told Mancini. If ​​I is fit we would win.

         “I got back into the team and got on a private plane for which he paid all the expenses because I had to travel from Paris.”